Everyone Has a Story. What’s Yours?

It all started with a phone call. Granted, it was an important phone call, one of the biggest for my career as a journalist. I had President Jimmy Carter on the phone. It was one of those pie-in-the sky moments for me, the idea to interview a president, but it had paid off, big time.

A week or so later and I was at an event with President Carter. He stood on one side of the room, and I was on the other, with the press corps. I asked a question and suddenly, he’s crossing the room, hand extended, saying “hello” in that soft Southern accent.

I’m not sure who was more shocked– the Secret Service or me.

My name is Rachel Mosteller, and this is just one of my stories. We all have stories to tell, and my passion is finding the story of you, and your business, and showing what sets you apart. As a case study writer, I have the unique ability of combining two of my passions: getting to know people and writing.




  • Basically, a case study tells the story of your business and product, and how your customers benefit from using it. Some call them testimonials, others might call them success stories. In this age of online reviews for just about everything, I call them necessary for credibility.


  • In addition to writing case studies, I also specialize in “about” pages for your business. Customers want to know who they’re doing business with. My business profiles show potential (and current) customers that your business is more than just a name and a storefront or website.


  • Unhappy with the current writing on your website? Need someone to add words to your flyers or catalogs? I can help you with that, too.

Please contact me at RMosteller (AT) Gmail (DOT) Com to see what I can do for you!